Electronic – RF Receiver for USB


I wanted to make a wireless 6 or more channel remote controller for PC. The receiver connected to PC through USB or any interface possible in a modern laptop. More specifically I want an idea to design a wireless or wired game show lockout buzzer which can connect to a modern PC (no parallel or serial ports except USB).

I explored the a circuit at : http://electrosofts.com/parallel/buzzer.html
This connects to the parallel port. It would be great if we can interface it to USB.

I expect it to be possible by an RF receiver for PC and decoding the signal at PC.

If it is a wired solution, How can I interface it with PC through USB?

Thanks in advance !

Best Answer

These low-cost Nordic Semi nRF24L01+ transceiver modules interfaced to a suitable MCU (I'm using the PIC18F24J11) are ideal for the remote units. You can interface a push-button and piezo element to the MCU. You then need to interface one of the modules to a PC USB port using a suitable MCU, such as a PIC18F2455. Each unit can be built for about $10.