Electronic – Sharing and Notating Schematics


So a friend and I were talking about schematics at work and how we can better communicate among us and our co-workers. I know Kortuk had asked a question previously that was similar, but that question was more about how to make the schematics.

Instead, I'm now asking if anyone knows a good way to collaborate on schematics that are already complete. Kind of like the "Google Docs for Schematics" I talked about in response to Kortuk's question. I have a bunch of schematics in pdf form that I want to be able to mark up and show to someone with a link as opposed to sending it to them. I also want the content to be secure and probably on an internal server.

I think what I really want is a wiki plugin that would allow me to do something like this. Has anyone heard of any program that could achieve something like this?

FYI, I've seen software such as a.nnotate, but don't know if I can swing the price they ask (to keep it behind my firewall). So I'd appreciate open source but am willing to pay something.

Best Answer

There's a wiki plugin (WikiTeX) for including schematics inline, but it seems abandoned and not really what you're looking for. You'd paste the source code of a gschem circuit into the page, which is then rendered as an image by the backend, and then you could make modifications to it and they'd be saved in the wiki's version control. The gschem code is not at all user-friendly, though, and the only examples I can find are broken, even on their own example site:

There's also the image annotator for Mediawiki...