Electronic – Should I immediately return MOSFETS shipped in non-ESD protective packaging


Recently I ordered 100x IRLZ44N power MOSFETs through an eBay vendor based in the US. Today I received the package, and they were simply wrapped in bubble wrap and taped shut. This is obviously not proper packaging for ESD-sensitive parts like MOSFETs.

Should I immediately return the parts? Or should I try some and see if they work?

Thanks for advice. Below is an image of what the shipment looked like. On the left are the packages in question, and on the right is what I would expect for ESD-sensitive device shipping.

enter image description here

Best Answer

Bad news. Beside of catastrophic failures, which can be detected by normal inspection, ESD damage to electronic components can lead also to latent defects, which cannot. Partially degraded components may randomly shorten the lifetime of equipments, do not use them in critical applications.