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Been trying to simulate on multisim a circuit I saw about high voltage amplifier:
enter image description here

The input is 8 Vp-p and 100Hz and reached to output of 1800 Vp-p and 100Hz.
The publisher mentioned he used the following parts to build it:
OP07 , LM356, MTP2P50E and BUK456800B.

In the multisim database, I couldn't find these exact parts (perhaps because companies stopped creating them). So, instead I used the following parts for the following simulation:
OP07, LF356H, MTP2P50EG and NDD03N80Z-1G.


enter image description here

For input 8 Vp-p and 100Hz, I got the result of approx. 8 V:
enter image description here

And I can't figure out whats the problem with the design I implanted on the multisim, as I don't get the high voltage that is desired.
Thank you for anyone who reads this and tries to help me, much appriciated !

Best Answer

I found some errors in the original schematic, they are corrected. eredeti

For newer FETs, the quiescent current had to be set. I set this to 5mA with R19 and R25. (14k instead of 10k.) There is no point in looking in front of the LF356, there is only a -2 gain there (OP07). mostemető

The DC gain is approx. 174x.

DC transfer characteristics: dctrans

At 100Hz, the gain is approx. half the DC gain. 100hz

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