Electronic – soldering temperature/tip guides


I've got a Weller soldering station with settable temperature and interchangeable tips.

Is there a table or general guidelines for temperatures and tips for different soldering tasks, such as:

  • wire-wire, thick
  • wire-wire, 20 gauge
  • wire to PC board
  • through-hole chip on PC board

Best Answer

Some soldering experts may disagree with me but I usually always use 750-800°F (400-425°C). It seems the biggest variable is the tip. For through hole and wire to wire I use a very big tip. I use a smaller tip for SMT. It has always seemed to me, for correct heat transfer, tip size is much more important than temperature. If you find yourself needing to hold the iron against your parts too long (more than a few seconds) I'd use a bigger tip. Wire to wire usually isn't as critical or easy to damage as ICs, usually just don't want to start melting the insulation. Following this method I've never burnt a chip to death. Killed them plenty of other ways though, and I'm definitely not a professional solderer.