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I'm in the process of getting ready to build a car PC running Linux. One of the features I'd really like to incorporate is the ability to record car statistics from the sensors live using ODB2.

Due to the location of where the ODB2 port is on my car (in the dash where the door opens), it'll be pretty difficult to close the door while the cable is plugged in. Therefore, I'd like to split the line further back a bit and route an ODB2 cable to the back of my car to the machine.

I've never done stuff like this before, but I have done a bit of electrical work (ie: switching out switches, plugs, rewiring things). I'm assuming that what I'd need to do would be to cut the existing cable and basically solder all of the internal wires together to both plugs, the one available in the door for mechanics, and the one running to the back for my computer.

Is this what I need to do? How can I put the wires back together again in a nice, insulated fashion?

Best Answer

I would recommend using inline wire splices. They are available at any auto parts store. Alternatively you can go the inexpensive and more compact (but more difficult) route. To be absolutely pedantic, NASA has a splicing guide, too. Some pictures follow.

Inline splices (option 1):


Manual wire joining (option 2):



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