Electronic – Start off with embedded C with ATmega32 (ATmega AVR series)


I have a ATmega32 board laying around and I figure it would be perfect to start off with microcontrollers. I once did some babbling in embedded C (thats when I got this board) but the flow was stopped due to some things. Now I have two questions:

  1. What is the best free resource to start off with C for the avr series. I know of AVR-GCC but was looking for some tutorials or free books to start me off.

  2. Should I directly jump to C or go through ASM first? I see there are many asm books around. So what is a better option?

While searching the Internet, I found the Arduino bootloader for ATmega32 here http://retrointerfacing.com/?p=30 but the problem is I a hesitant to do some tinkering with the fuse bits and all. Is it safe to do so?

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