Electronic – “Starter Kit for electronics” – What to buy


I'm going to buy some things for back to the electronic world.

Starting with an Resistor Assorted Kit.
Need to buy some kits containing the most common capacitors and transistors… what to buy???

[I want to buy to create a lot of things that there is schematic on the web without having to buy new components]

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Electronics for everyday inventor

… capacitors, trimmers, resistors, pots, diodes, transisters, leds and laser diodes, timers (like the 555), inductors, ICs and common microchips, LOTS of sensors (temperature, gasses, radiation, light, sound, motion etc) and sensor like pieces (like selenium chips), and a bunch of other things … for the chaotic inventor.

Best Answer

I'm still a beginner but here are some things I have bought and found useful:

Tools wise - most important are:

  • Multimeter
  • Storage Unit
  • Side Cutters
  • Long Nose Pliers
  • Solderless Breadboards

Less important are:

  • Good Lighting
  • Soldering Iron

Components wise, get kits wherever possible to ensure you have a good selection of components:

  • Capacitor Kit
  • Trimmer Kit
  • Resistor Kit
  • Zener Diode Kit
  • Diode Kit
  • Transistor Kit
  • 5mm LEDs
  • 555 Timers (get 2)
  • Logic ICs (These will let you perform logic on circuits - not so important but if you want to be prepared for the future get at least one of each AND, OR, NAND, NOR, XOR (2 input versions) and a 4069 inverter.)
  • Power and Power Clips (At the very least get a 9v PP3 battery and PP3 clip)

After that, get the rest of your stuff in bulk from eBay (works out nice and cheap).