Electronic – Super glue as solder mask


Wondering if super glue could be safely used on a PCB to cover exposed traces or jumper wires.

I know it’s non conductive but is there any type of damage that could occur?

I normally use green solder mask that cures with UV light but ran out and need to finish a repair using jumper wires that need to be insulated

Best Answer

The primary purpose of soldermask is to prevent solder from going where you don't want it to go. I'm sure you're well aware of this. The problem is that the solder burns right through superglue with no trouble at all, and the vapors are nasty. If you breathe it in it could cause respiratory issues, and if you get the vapors in your eyes they will burn for hours (I speak from experience). I strongly recommend staying away from using superglue as soldermask. Take the time you need to order and receive new soldermask. It will be well worth the wait.