Electronic – the correct term and schematic symbol for a bar “connecting” multiple toggles together

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This has driven me mad, I've searched for this on google and am now going to the world to find out what the part is called. I've tried things like "Gang bar", "shared cover", did a google image search of the two images I have, and anything else I could think of, but without knowing what it is I cannot accurately search for it. It's a part that can connect multiple toggles together for an action, usually to "off", sometimes allowing for individual "on" activation. Attached are two pictures to assist. It's the Black bar on the brass switches image and the two Chrome bars on the other image. Any help is appreciated.

Picture from Wiki
Picture from Aircraft Spruce

Best Answer

Multiple switches that are physically ganged together could be represented with a dashed line between the individual throws, like this:


simulate this circuit – Schematic created using CircuitLab

Other physical connections between switches, like the ones in your pictures, are more of a mechanical component than an electrical one, and would typically be omitted from a schematic. There is no standard symbology I'm aware of for such a thing.