Electronic – the name, if they exist, of PCB mountable 120 AC outlet connectors


I am working on a self device which will plug into the wall, similar to this Wifi extender.

I am having trouble finding a way to attach the AC connectors to my design. I am considering mounting a connector directly on the PCB, something like this example. This one is a bit too large through (the black housing).

Do pieces like the one I am looking for exist? Or what is another way I may consider making the AC outlet connection?

Best Answer

If you don't mind using a power cord, I highly recommend using a PCB-mount IEC connector instead. These are very common and readily available.

enter image description here

If you absolutely must have a device that plugs directly into the wall, I recommend building your Wifi extender into an enclosure with an integrated mains plug:

enter image description here

Individual PCB-mount mains contacts do exist, but are fairly uncommon and difficult to source. I recommend using one of the above options instead.

EDIT: It looks like Heyco (a company owned by PennEngineering) makes PCB-mount mains blades:


enter image description here