Electronic – Tool for “designing” a resistor network


I'm preparing to calibrate some current sensors for a system with DC 13.6V power, and various loads, from well under an amp, up to about 4 amps. I bought some 2, 3 and 5 ohm power resistors, and plan to arrange them in various series and parallel networks to calibrate each current sensor using a load with known resistance.

It's easy to calculate the resistance of some resistors in series or in parallel, but I don't have a technique for generating a network with a desired resistance. I would like to come up with values that result in "well rounded" maximum amp values, such as very nearly 5 amps for the circuit that is supposed to max out around 4 amps, but so far I've just been making guesses. Sigh.

Is there a tool for doing this, or a reasonable "by hand" method? Thanks.

Best Answer

There's a tool solving exactly this problem:


It constructs a network with your desired equivalent resistance, out of the values that you have in stock.