Electronic – Toy with non-waterproof battery box: is this an issue? What will happen


There is a toy that is intended to be used in water. However, we found out that the battery box (holds 2 AAA's) is not water tight and water leaks into it. Is this an issue? I know that water is conductive.

So, essentially when water leaks in, the batteries are being shorted right?

How dangerous is this? Will it overheat the batteries? How dangerous is this for the user?

Is it going to shock my child to play with this toy in the bathtub?

Best Answer

From experience with a weather station in the Scottish islands : it's not very dangerous because there isn't that much power from AAA batteries. Water won't short out batteries the same way a screwdriver would short out a car battery; the leakage would be milliamps rather than amps and heating is negligible.

Still, that will drain the batteries in hours or days. Worse (especially with salt water!) the battery powers spectacular electrolytic corrosion, dissolving copper wires, the battery casing, component leads and PCB tracks anywhere the water can reach, quickly rendering the thing useless and ... quite difficult to repair.