Electronic – Transform pulses per second (pps) to rpm

stepper motorunits

I have a stepper motor that turns at 5000 PPS and has a step angle of 1.8ยบ.

What would be the formula to transform these pps into rpm?

Thanks in advance!

Best Answer

Using dimensional analysis, and cancelling out units (i.e., "dimensions") just like they are numbers, gives you a clear answer: $$ \frac{1 \ step}{pulse} \ \times \frac{5000 \ pulse}{1\ sec} \times \frac{1.8 \ degrees}{1 \ step}\times \frac{1 \ revolution}{360 \ degrees}\times \frac{60\ sec}{1\ min} = \frac{1500\ revolution}{min} $$

step, pulse, sec, degrees all cancel out, leaving an answer in revolutions/min

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