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I'm working with GSM modem and I'm wondering if anyone has come across any sort of measured or typical GSM current profiles for various actions such as:

  • Connecting to base station
  • Sending a SMS
  • Voice call
  • During an active data connection

I know the general trend of what the current consumption should look like when it is transmitting based upon frame rate and slot-time, what I'm looking for is more coarse view. For example when sending a SMS message it transmits for N number of slots.

Best Answer

I used some generic modules, so here are some values to work with:

  • voice call: 250 - 300 mA (unactive unused bursts: 20 - 50 mA)
  • GPRS (2Tx, 3Rx slots): 340 - 410 mA

This assumes having a matched antenna. The current consumption itself depends on the transmitted power and is thus dependend on the network. If you have a highly unmatched antenna, a voice call can draw up to 2500 mA.