Electronic – unclean signal at the output of an optocoupler


I use a FOD260L optocoupler and here is its datasheet and diagram below
enter image description here

pin 2 is connected to an atmega168a (supplied by 3.3V ) via 270 ohm resistor. pin 3 is connected to ground of the MCU. On the right side, Vcc is connected to a PSU that supplies 5V (max 1.5A), Ve is left opened, pin 5 is connected to GND of the PSU. Referring the figure 11 on the datasheet, I connected 330 ohm between Vcc and Vo (as a pull up resistor) then I expect monitor Vo output. I tried to draw the schematic below ( I hope it is correct).


simulate this circuit – Schematic created using CircuitLab

Here is the oscilloscope output

enter image description here

The blue one is the input signal which is clean, and the red one is the output (Vo) signal which I could not understand why it is not clean. Of course I connect blue's probe ground to MCU's ground and the red one's probe to the PSU's ground. PSU and MCU have different power sources.

I see that the red signal is inverted which I expected to see. But could anyone explain why it is not as clean as the blue one?

Best Answer

The data sheet says: -

The VCC supply to each optoisolator must be bypassed by a 0.1μF capacitor or larger. This can be either a ceramic or solid tantalum capacitor with good high frequency characteristic and should be connected as close as possible to the package VCC and GND pins of each device.

Is this the problem? Here's a picture showing the 100nF cap from the data sheet: -

enter image description here

For information the data sheet also says: -

Enable Input – No pull up resistor required as the device has an internal pull up resistor.

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