Electronic – Understanding a mechanical drawing


I'm trying to understand this mechanical drawing. (Another one. I asked a question about mechanical drawings a while back.)

enter image description here

I can work out most of the dimensions, but the mount pads are confusing me. They have two numbers (0.7 and 1.2) beside them. They could be any size for what I know…!

The drawing is for an SH type connector.

Many thanks.

Best Answer

The 0.7 is the distance from the center of the smaller (contact) pads to the edge of the larger (mechanical) pad.

enter image description here

The 1.2 is the width of the larger pad.

enter image description here

Notice the dot both arrows point to.

You'll often see the indication BSC next to one of the measurements. This means Basic Spacing between Centers and is a nominal value. Could have been given here next to the 1mm (pitch) value, or next to a 6mm value between centers of first and last pad.