Electronic – Very long distance Ethernet connection for internet and other data (2000 feet)


I am building a house. It's located about 2000 feet away from the nearest internet cable. I had to run our electrical service underground the whole way, and have already installed a conduit for internet/phone cables from end to end with pull points every 1000 feet.

My question is: what's a cost-effective way to establish a reliable, high-speed Ethernet connection at this distance? It will be used to provide internet service as well as video/audio feeds and control signals. I think 100 Mbps each direction would be satisfactory as a target maximum speed for the connection.

We will have electrical power available at both ends of the connection.

I have looked into Ethernet extenders, but the maximum speed seems to drop drastically as the distance increases.

I would love to use fiber, but I can't find an inexpensive termination method.

I don't think wireless is practical because we don't have line-of-sight between the endpoints due to a large area of trees.

A satellite or 4G connection is not suitable due to price, speed, and reliability, plus the need for audio/video/control signals across the distance.

UPDATE 2016:

I installed RG6 gel-filled direct-bury coax cable (in PVC conduit for added protection) and used Ethernet-to-coax extenders (TrendNet TPA-311) and am VERY pleased with the results. At a cost of $50 or less per device, it's very reasonable cost. Also, RG6 coax, if you shop around, is very cheap.

I am able to achieve 60Mbit internet speed (which is my ISP's maximum offering in my area) and these devices are very stable – no crashes or need to reboot them. I even installed a T to split the line halfway in order to connect another building to the network.

One very important note: Be sure to install high quality grounded surge protection at EACH termination point. I used these. I tried the system without surge protection, and within a week my TPA-311 devices were destroyed. I disassembled them to diagnose the problem and found several components vaporized due to a high energy event. Lesson learned. Since installing surge protection, we've had several large lightning storms and we're still working rock solid.

Other installation notes:

  • Get a cheap coax crimper and bulk coax terminators. They are very easy to install. No need for any expensive tools.

  • For long pulls, a cable lubricant is absolutely essential. Our first pull of about 800 feet was without lubricant, and I began to doubt we would ever make it. Subsequent pulls (even longer distances) with lubricant were easy.

Update after 1.5 years – still working perfectly! Have not needed to replace any components (except a battery in my UPS). Very pleased with this solution!

Update after 5 years – still working perfectly!

Best Answer

You want an Ethernet over coax extender like this one...


It should easily be able get you to 100Mbps @ 2000ft (~600 meters) using any supported coax cable...

cable/disance/speed chart