Electronic – What do the colors of resistor bodies mean


I don't mean the colored bands, but the colors of the bodies themselves. They come in brown, blue, green, etc. Is there a standard?

For instance, epanorama says:

But there are two resistor body colors which you should know what they need if youre fixing some electronics circuit. Resistor body colors white and blue are used to mark non-flammable resistors and fusible resistors. If you encounter tjis type of resistor in the circuit do not replace it with normal reistor because this would cause fire danger is something goes wring in the circuit.

Is this always true? Only with certain manufacturers?

Best Answer

I've seen a few manufacturers that make their high precision metal film resistors blue and their generic paper/carbon ones pale brown, but I'd guess it's not a universal thing...it's like when Walkers (Lays) crisps messed around with the colour flavour combos, everyone had to relearn cheese & onion and salt & vinegar grrrr!

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