Electronic – What does it mean to “assert a pin”


From the XBee/XBeePro product manual page 24 (link to pdf):

Sleep Modes enable the RF module to enter states of low-power consumption when not in use. In order to enter Sleep Mode, one of the following conditions must be met (in addition to the module having a non-zero SM parameter value):

  • Sleep_RQ (pin 9) is asserted and the module is in a pin sleep mode (SM = 1, 2, or 5)
  • The module is idle (no data transmission or reception) for the amount of time defined by the
    ST (Time before Sleep) parameter. [NOTE: ST is only active when SM = 4-5.]

What is meant by "asserting a pin"?

Best Answer

Asserting a pin means setting it to its active state.

De-asserting a pin means setting it to its inactive state.

If a pin is active high (which it is, in your case), then asserting it means setting it to logic high (usually 3.3V/5V) and de-asserting it means setting it to a logic low (0V).

On the same page of the datasheet you've linked there's Table 2-04 which shows that Asserting pin 9 (Sleep_RQ) means setting it high: enter image description here