Electronic – what is the dc component in the output of diode half wave rectifier circuit will it be the average value or the rms value of the output waveform

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In the book the average value is given but as it is the dc component i think it should be the rms value? Input is sine wave of amplitude 10V.half wave diode rectifier

Best Answer

For a sinewave input: -

A perfect half wave rectifer provides only half the power to the load (compared to a straight load connection) so, square the RMS value of the sinewave, divide it by 2 and then take the square root. RMS(half wave) = \$\dfrac{V_{PEAK}}{2}\$.

For the average you need to integrate like this: -

enter image description here

As you can see the RMS and the average do not mathematically coincide for a sinewave.

For other input waveforms there can be equality between RMS and average or great inequalities.