Electronic – What kind of capacitor is this? How to read its value code


I have found some capacitors like this one:
General view


Does anyone know what kind of capacitor it is? How can I read its value?

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These images appear to have your answer. This capacitor is a 0.01µF 250v capacitor from old electronic equipment (most likely radio, audio, or television related) containing vacuum tubes. It is similar looking to some of these which are old mica capacitors: enter image description here

The stripes on the capacitor can be interpreted using the standard resistor color code to give a 3-digit code like on standard capacitors, where the third digit is the multiplier. In order to read the capacitor code, simply multiply the number created by the first 2 digits by 10multiplier to get the final value in pF.

With resistors, the last stripe indicates the tolerance, but with older capacitors it indicates the voltage. If a tolerance is not specified, it is usually 20%.

enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here

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