Electronic – What other microcontrollers use “real” IDEs


TI moved Code Composer Studio to an Eclipse-based platform a few years ago, and Microchip recently moved MPLAB to NetBeans.

Which other microcontrollers have "real" IDEs like Eclipse/NetBeans/IntelliJ IDEA for editing/debugging in C++?

("real" in my book = includes code refactoring + code completion, has UI that's been used by large # of users to root out bugs + have high useability — I haven't used IAR's IDE in 2 years but when I did, I was Not Impressed.)

(I'm especially interested in IDEs of this type for ARM processors.)

Best Answer

Several ARM IDEs use Eclipse with gcc, and Rowley uses their own (excellent) CrossStudio IDE for their gcc-based ARM compiler, as well as their MSP430, AVR and MAXQ compilers.

IAR uses their own IDE for all their compilers, including the ARM one.

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