Electronic – What sealing type for cable/tube enter casing for outdoor use


I build an electronic device which is used outdoors. A bundle of cables enter the device in a small 30mm diameter tube. This tube should be sealed so no dust/water/moisture enters the casing. It should be possible to remove tube easily for maintenance without damaging the sealing, tube or casing.

See the illustration below:
enter image description here

Illustration legend:

  • Orange: Casing
  • Green: Sealing
  • Blue: Tube

I assume there are common solutions for this problem and I am searching for either the correct term for this kind of sealing.

The illustration of the green sealing is just an assumption from my part how a such sealing could look like. It does not have to look and work this way. For me, the requirements for the sealing are:

  • Seals against dust, water and moisture.
  • For tube/cable with 30mm diameter.
  • Removable for maintenance without damaging tube, sealing or casing.

What standard solutions exist for this case?

What is the correct term for this kind of sealing?

Best Answer

The general type of thing you are looking for is a Cable Gland. There are different types and you might want to look at IP ratings to get a feel for how waterproof and dustproof you need to be. E.g. IP68 is waterproof and dustproof for outdoor use and short term immersion, IP54 for outdoors but protected from the worst of the rain or in a dry climate.

You might also consider: 1) Having the cable come in through the bottom, so water running down the cable runs away from the feedthrough not towards it. 2) using a connector rather than putting a bundle of cables through a gland - this is a little more expensive but usually works out easier if it is to be regularly removed and reconnected.