H-Bridge Circuit – Will This Simple Four N-Channel MOSFET H-Bridge Circuit Work?


This is my H-bridge circuit without considering Back EMF. In the real circuit I would put four fast recovery diode to eliminate the Back EMF.Maybe schottkies?
enter image description here

Before I came up with this design , I googled "DIY H-Bridge". And I only found out H-bridge design that is composed of two p-channel mosfet and two n-channel mosfet , as follows. My question is: Will this four n-channel mosfet H-Bridge circuit really work? If it works. Why the 'TWO N-CHANNEL TWO P-CHANNEL' plan is more popular? I mean. It is said that N-channel mosfet can handle high current much better than P-channel mosfet.I have concerns that the top N channel Fets are not getting enough drive .Will they run hot ?My proposed circuit is simple but do you think it needs refinement? Do you think that shoot through could be a problem?

enter image description here

At first , I didn't know what is high-side switching.This thread might help for people who also have question about what is high-side and low-side switching.


Best Answer

No. it won't work.

there's nothing to turn the top two mosfets all the way on, you need to get gate voltage higher than the drain voltage, else the mosfet will overheat.

for a solution search on high side MOSFET driver