Electronic – Wireless Sensor to Internet


Looking for a low cost implementation to post ambient temperature readings from a sensor to servers via a COTS router.

1) Have a temperature sensor connected to a micro controller which sends data via a Wifi Module with a TCP/IP Stack to servers
2) Have a temperature sensor communicated via Zigbee to a coordinator that is plugged into a router and communicates with the servers.

Would like to keep the cost of the solution below $20. Another constraint is the battery life. Wifi modules with TCP/IP consume more power and cost more.

What particular devices/chips/microcontrollers would you recommend to solve my data communication problem and fit within my budget?

Best Answer

I would use a Digi Xbee on the sensor to pass the information to a Connectport X2, which has either ethernet or wifi. The Xbee is a Zigbee radio with a simple serial interface. The X2 has a Zigbee radio and an IP connection and runs python.

There are several tutorials on how to get one working. This one looks like a good place to start.

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