Electronic – Would this work? Using a computer SMPS as a DC-DC converter

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I have this crazy idea of using a computer SMPS with active PFC boost to take high voltage DC battery banks (144V+) and drop it down to 3.3V, 5V and 12V.

Here's my thinking: the power supply internally rectifies the AC to DC, and the PFC boost should then boost the 144V to an acceptable 350V-400V for the power supply. The 144V input is okay for it because it falls in the 100VAC range, and most are rated down to 85VAC if not lower.

I'm not looking for a guaranteed solution – it's a one-off problem I'm trying to solve, but I think it could be a cheap and viable solution.

Best Answer

I would not rely on the AC fuses in the PSU - you probably have some HVDC fuses kicking about with that much battery to hand anyway :-)