EMF transmission from cell phone’s battery


According to Cell Phones & Wi-Fi―Are Children, Fetuses and Fertility at Risk?

While one can put the phone in ‘airplane mode,’ which disconnects it from Wi-Fi and the Internet, the cell phone still emits magnetic fields from the battery, shown to have equally important biologically consequences, including links to childhood asthma and obesity from fetal exposures.

Is ELF the magnetic fields it is referring to? If that is so,
how many mG or μT are considered to have health effects (if any) or
is a cell phone's or tablet's battery's magnetic field transmission too low to be considered?

Best Answer

That article you linked seems to be of an unqualified source, note that the same "Dr. Mercola" who wrote this is also active in other contra-scientific movements like "vaccines cause autism", "GMOs are evil", "flouride kills you in 1000 different ways" and similar.

Now, disregarding the opinion of this "Dr. Mercola", please consider that there are government regulations regarding ELF. Exposure to very strong electromagnetic waves can damage body tissue, but for that to occur, the waves need to be pretty strong, way stronger than your tablet/cellphone could ever generate. For instance, in regards to induction stoves, the Swiss government recommends a distance of at least 30 cm to your cooking surface for most of the time. But keep in mind that these stoves are built to create strong electromagnetic fields, strong enough to get ferromagnetic materials hot. So basically, if the electromagnetic waves of the phone are not enough to cook inductively with (they aren't), your child should be safe with less than 30 cm of distance to the phone.

Also note the statement of the WHO that "to date, no adverse health effects have been established as being caused by mobile phone use." So basically, your children are safe.