Find Id of NMOS



I need to find the drain current in the above circuit where I also know \$V_{TH} = 1\,\mathrm{V}\$ and \$\mu_{n}C_{ox} = 2\cdot 10^{-4} \frac{\mathrm{A}}{\mathrm{V}^2}\$. I'm just not sure about how to find \$V_{GS}\$ in this circuit. I'm used to using voltage dividers.

Best Answer

Because the gate source and drain connected so MOSFET is in saturation so we can write:(Be aware that gate current is zero and current of drain is current that pass resistor so we can write I=v/R that I is current of drain and V is Voltage of gate) enter image description here

SO we can obtain V from this equation and then obtain current of drain. (Sorry for my bad English)