Flash Bulb battery depletion


Extremely simple question for you. Probably beneath all of you to answer apologies for that. My camera's flash is rated in Watt seconds. My battery is rated in mAh .

If my battery can output 1000 milliamp hours and outputs at 110 Volts. And my camera flash draws 100 Watt seconds per fire. Assuming there are no other variables and it's a perfect system, how many camera flashes could I fire.

Best Answer

$$1000\mathrm{\ mA \cdot h}\times110\mathrm{\ V} = 396\mathrm{\ kJ}$$

$$100\frac{\mathrm{\ W \cdot s}}{\text{flash}} = 100\frac{\mathrm{\ J}}{\text{flash}}$$

$$\frac{396\mathrm{\ kJ}}{100\frac{\mathrm{\ J}}{\text{flash}}} = 3960\text{ flashes}$$