Headphone has no sound if fully inserted in jack


When I connect my headphone to headphone jack in my laptop, I don't hear any sound. Unless I do not fully plug it in and instead just plug it in around 50%.

Sometimes I hear sound but it is all garbled.

This headphone used to work fine before and now it is giving me this problem for some time.

If I connect another headphone then it works fine so I don't think headphone jack is the problem.

Does anybody know why this is happening and how to fix it?


Found a similar question. When I said that sometimes I head sound but it is all garbled then this is what I was talking about as discussed in this question.
Why do speakers sound different when they're not fully plugged in?

Best Answer

Probably one of the wires coming out of the plug has broken. Cut off the plug along with a few inches of cable (to get past the point where a wire is broken), then solder on a new plug.

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