Help selecting AC power adapter for DC car monitor

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I purchased a Pyle 9" TFT monitor for use in an automobile with back-up camera. The wiring is designed to connect directly into the car's harness. I have no info on the electrical requirements other than, of course, 12V from the car.

I plan to use this monitor inside to make my nephew a headboard with digital photo/video/netflix frame. I've wired some indoor 12V lighting before, but probably just got lucky. I want to know if a similar power supply will work here? I'm looking at a DC 12V 2A Power Supply Adapter for 110V-240V AC 50/60hZ (whatever that means?). Does that sound like that will work? Should I get the 3A version to be sure since I read on this website the whole "amps are like apples" analogy?

Best Answer

Assuming a typo and you meant the Pyle PLHR78W, I find that it consumes 8Watts, which would be 0.67 Amperes at 12Volts. Your 2Amp, 12Volt power supply should be fine.

I can't find PLHRQD8W anywhere, which is why I assume your voice type software mangled it. Even if not, the power consumption should be comparable - the power consumption seems to be coded into the model number, and both say 8W.

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