Max voltage output of DS18B20


I am using the DigiX board and trying to connect a DS18B20 (one wire temperature sensor).

One of the issues with the DigiX is that it can only tolerate 3.3V on the I/O pins.

I have been trying to look through the data sheet to try and find out what the max output could be.
enter image description here
Input logic high from data sheet

Which, if I was powering with 3.3V would be too much? 3.3V +0.3V.

Is this the correct way to asses if there compatible and that I do in fact need a level shifter of some sort?

Thanks for your help, I just feel im missing something and it should be fine but I don't want to fry my board.

edit- I'm aware I could try measuring it with a multimeter but do not have access to one for a while and would not be confident in when or how t produce the max output current.

Best Answer

You are looking at "Input Logic-High", not the output. The datasheet does not list output logic levels but it is safe to assume that it will not output a level higher than Vdd. If you are powering it at 3.3V, you should be safe.