Minimum voltage input for thermoelectric unit

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Context: I am trying to make a drink cooler with a thermoelectric unit (peltier unit). I want to supply the minimum amount of energy as possible to the peltier unit. Now on my peltier unit, it says "15V" (and 68W). I am not sure whether it is recommended, minimum or maximum.

I would have probably just tried to find a batter that can provide 15V but there were two discoveries that I made which suggest I could possibly get away with providing less voltage power supply.

  1. I read somewhere that peltier units in general can handle between 3 and 15 volts.
  2. I bought a drink cooler using a peltier unit and it is charged by a USB (5V).


  1. Are peltier units capable of taking varying amounts of voltage without hindering its quality or damage it?
  2. If so, how would I go about finding what it needs as a minimum voltage input?
  3. Does all my above questions not matter because if I lower my voltage, the peltier will draw more current to meet the power rating (68W)?
  4. Does the power rating of 68W mean, "I need that power as a minimum all the time!"

Best Answer

Without a datasheet, I'd assume that 15 volts is the maximum voltage that should be used, and that, at that voltage, the device will draw 68 watts. If you supply a lower voltage, the Peltier device willl draw less current and less than 68 watts.