Newbie question: can I plug a 250v power strip into a 120v power outlet (and then connect three 120v power adapters to the power strip)

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I'm sorry if the question is too dumb, but I was wondering if I could connect a power strip rated for 250v into my home's power outlet (120v). I wanted to connect 3 power adapters rated at 120v to it (that would then power up some effect pedals I have for guitar). Could the wire gauge inside the power strip be a problem? Because I thought that since the rated voltage support is higher, there shouldn't be any problem (I mean, resistors and eventual caps wouldn't catch fire, but would they some how underpower my power adapters?). Please correct me otherwise. Thank you!

Best Answer

The answer may be both yes or no, depending on some details.

You will get a yes answer if, and only if all of the below are yes:

  1. Your adapters are all guaranteed to be rated at the voltage that comes out of the wall socket (I believe to read in your question this is the case, but be 100% sure).
  2. The power-strip you mention does nothing fancy. i.e. it has only pieces of metal and wire intended to let you go from one outlet to multiple outlets, no internal electronics that may behave weirdly on a voltage below rated. A neon-light in a switch is okay, they're too stupid to cause problem ;-)
  3. The current you will draw is less than the current the strip can distribute.

For point three, if the strip only has a wattage rating, I = P/V, use the highest voltage it can operate at to be safe, so 250V. So if it says 2500W, it can handle 10A. Which means for your adapters, try and stay at or under 1000W (100V * current) and you'll have used a little margin in both calculations and will stay on the safe side.

EDIT: Point 2 can get a no and the end-answer still be yes, but within the range of (over-)equipped power-strips there are sooooo many different functions and functionalities that it's a bit senseless to add all the options, since I'm not in the mood to write a 110 point list.

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