Panel-mount Solderless Connection for Prototyping Station


I built a convenient prototyping station with a bipolar and 5V power supply in an enclosure, exposing binding posts for the supply and with a solderless breadboard stuck on with the adhesive backing. I would like to install some 1/4" phone jacks and DIN connectors, etc. What kind of panel-mount solderless fixtures are available that I could install to connect to the jacks?

Clarification: I want to install phone jacks and din jacks onto the enclosure. Those are terminated inside the enclosure. Then, I want to bring the contacts to the front of the enclosure into something I can easily wire to the breadboard as needed. My solution for the power supply was binding posts that I can secure wires to. I am looking for something more convenient than binding posts to wire the new connectors.

Best Answer

They're not quite panel-mount, but 3M sells breadboard tie-point blocks.

3m Tie-Point Blocks