PLC unit power issues


I am creating my own PLC, just for practice with PLCs (as I am an electrical apprentice). I have bought a power supply which changes 240V AC to 24V DC. When it is connected to my PLC unit, and I read the output with my multimeter, the output just pulses, so nothing useful happens. The LEDs on the PLC unit also light up for half a second or so. However, when I disconnect the output leads and measure the output, I have a steady 24V DC output. Any ideas on what the problem is?

Best Answer

I also agree with the overload theory. the next possible root cause could be a short circuit some where along the PLC or the PLC rack if any or any of the PLC input or output cards. please post the power supply, PLC make and model, and the input and output card modules that are in the PLC system rack if any. After that a check by process of elimination will discover the fault. take care!

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