Repairing (possible) earthing/ground issue in computer PSU?

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I've got a computer that will no longer power on. It used to be willing to power on quite randomly, and ran fine when it did.

I'm not an electronics savvy person, but i've done a manual check on the pc-motherboard connector voltages, and they seem fine. It's Watt supply limit are also supposedly ok according to an online watt requirements calculator.

I notice a slight tingling if i touch the computer case with i.e the inside of my lower arm where it's thin skin.

This means there is leaking power somewhere? My first thought is that it might somehow come from the area where all the connectors cables exit the PSU.

But i'd like any thoughts on it from someone educated, wether or not it's possible to fix, or even try to fix, before i shell out for a new PSU.

Best Answer

Shell out for a new power supply. It's clearly failing and is connected to your mains power which can kill you. Since we have no idea what is actually wrong, it's best to assume the worst.

Since you admit you're not very electronic savvy, this is probably not a safe place to start.

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