Replace potentiometer with digital version (Speakers)


I am trying to get my PC speakers to be controlled by my arduino. I've taken apart the control and it seems very straight forward, just need a few questions about subbing the manual pots for digital ones.

Volume circuit looks like this (R/L for right and left channels)

    R Aux -> Pot Leg 1 -> Out Pot Leg 3 -> R Audio Out
    L Aux -> Pot Leg 2 -> Out Pot Leg 4 -> L Audio Out

All other POT contacts are grounded and it's a B10K pot.

Why are these split by channel? Isn't a standard 3 terminal pot the same? Or is it to keep the audio in R and L channel's seperate?

Is there any weird issue I'll run into subbing out this pot for a digital one? Or would another 4/6 contact digital 10K pot do just fine? Are their power requirements (voltage/heat dissipation) i need to watch out for?

Thank you! Just learning speaker wiring.

Best Answer

You ought to consider that the volume pot is logarithmic and this might mean that the digipot's resolution needs to be quite high to get a non granular change in volume when you control it.