Solar panel and dc motor

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I want to run a 130V dc motor 2hp. I have 6 solar panel 120V dc out.

I connected them in series to the motor directly and it runs, but when I check the voltage at the terminal when it is running it read 60V. Where is the rest of the voltage and why not all the volt is use it up?

What can I do to make it run full power?

Second question: Can I attach a dc-dc boot converter at the end terminal of the solar panel and increase the voltage directly without using anything else? What is wrong with that idea?

thank you for your responses.
I am trying to run a water pump. I have purchase a mppt unit that has 80v input max, and two lead batteries deep cycle, but I notice that I have to convert the voltage to ac then back to dc and make it 130v. how can I make this work, do I connect the panels in parallel and then charge batteries, have ac inverter and ac-dc inverter, I am not sure if this Is practical at all and how many batteries do I need, can I

Best Answer

Wire your panels like so:

PV bank wiring

Wired exactly as shown, you'll get

18.5V * 7 = 129.5V
5.9A * 2 = 11.8A
129.5V * 11.8A = 1528.1W