Split a USB cable’s male end, add a second male plug, and draw 10V from 2 ports instead of 5V from one port for a single device


Say I have a device that accepts 10V @ 2A, and I have a wall-wart with two USB plugs that both output 5V @ 2A. Can I add a second male connector, connect both connectors to the wall-wart's two ports, and draw a cumulative 10V @ 2A?

This question's answer indicates that this would cause havoc for motherboards or other electronic devices, but there's a lot more going on with a motherboard than with a power block. Does this answer still apply?

Best Answer

No you cannot! Both USB sockets are probably even the same power supply so the 5V of both USB ports is connected to eachother and the 0V/GND is also shared.

If you had two different adapters with internal galvanic isolation (transformer) it would be possible to make 10V 1A of two 5V 1A USB ports.

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