Super fast magnetic field by an electromagnet


Was wondering about the possibility of creating a magnetic field in milliseconds or less? I know it's possible based on certain labs achieving 60-100 Tesla and more. But what about creating a 2 – 5 Tesla magnetic field in milliseconds? How much power will be required? How will the electromagnet be designed?

Typically what cooling is required? This is more of a "pulse-like" electromagnet that could be used multiple times without being damaged, like a magnetizer. Where the fields are creating somewhat instantly. What properties will this electromagnet have?

Best Answer

The magnetic field depends directly on the amount of current through the coil. To overcome the reactance (due to inductance) of the coil, use a high voltage. Follow that with a current regulator set to the value that gives you the 2-5T field. The higher the voltage used, the faster the current will rise to the desired value.