Switching between two output voltage


I have a sensor which generates signal in range of 240mV to 940mv.
Now, I use amplifier of voltage for my sensor, which generates output signal in range 350mV to 1000mV. I used rail-to-rail operational amplifier.


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But I need switch which can quickly toggle between original signal and signal amplifier.
Switch must act quickly, because signal below 240mV is not allowed and signal above 1000mV is also not allowed.

Additionally, I have one +12V signal that I can use to control of switch.

How do I design switch for this circuit?

Best Answer

Put the switch on the output and you won't need the diodes. A CD4053 Triple 2-channel analog multiplexor will do the job (you could use it to switch both the input and output if you wish, though this shouldn't be necessary).

Alternatively you could just switch the amplifier gain down to +1, and then it will pass the signal through unamplified.

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