What type of motor is this


So I recently bought a motorised pedicure set thinking it would be some amazing thing. However, I used it once and the batteries (4 AA) died after about half an hour and not before getting ridiculously hot.

I decided I would take it apart to see what mad electronics have gone into it, and it turns out it is literally just a button and then wired straight into the motor. So I have decided I would like to replace the motor with one that has a higher torque (was really not very powerful so didn't have much effect) as well as possibly a higher RPM.

After taking it apart and finding the motor, I tried to find out what type of motor it currently is but it has no markings or part numbers on it at all so I couldn't find out. I wanted to know this so I could know the characteristics of it and things like that so I know how to get a better motor that would provide a better product!

Here are some pictures of the motor in various stages of assembly and I was wondering if anyone could help out with regards to what type of motor it is, and if anyone has any comments/solutions to some of the issues I mentioned they would also be greatly welcomed!

enter image description here
enter image description here
enter image description here
enter image description here

As it might not be clear from the pictures, inside the 'drum' of the motor are two magnets that the coiled wire sits in.

I have taken the voltage and current readings of it and it is as follows:
Voltage: Anywhere between 4V – 12V it seems to work, towards 12V it starts going a little bit mental.
Current: Around 500 – 600mA.

Best Answer

It's just an ordinary brushed DC permanent-magnet motor.