Which SMD component as IR barrier


I have a PCB design that uses an infrared proximity detector in the form of an IR LED and an IR transistor placed with about 10 mm spacing between them. Now the problem has arisen that I need some sort of physical barrier between them to prevent crosstalk and false proximity detections.

Currently, I'm using the plastic part from male pin headers from which I've removed the actual pins and broken off the a correct length (~ 15 mm). I'm gluing these to the board with super-glue (please don't laugh).

Does anyone know of a surface-mount component that could work as an IR barrier? Obviously I could use the through-hole male pin headers to actually solder on, but I want this board to be able to be automatically manufactured. Any help or advice welcome.

Best Answer

If there is an extra or manual labor cost for THT 0.1" headers, try SMD 0.1" headers. Pick & Place and wave soldering compatible, but from what I've seen (samtec catalog) these need a minimum of 3 pins due to the alternating smd feet to keep them standing before the solder holds them on.

enter image description here That, or switch to an IR transistor/Diode pair that already comes with a molded body, unless those don't exist in smd (try asking Vishay, they do everything IR).

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