Magento – Fix Transactional Email Logo Size


I am trying to include a logo in my transactional emails. This is working but the only problem is that the logo is 633×270 and i want it to resize to 211×90 that's the only way to keep high quality images. But the problem is that just displays the logo as 633×270 way too big ofcourse…

Can anyone help me with this problem i tried a lot of things like clearing cache etc.

Best Answer

Emails have to be compatible with many different clients - webmail, Outlook etc. Golden rule - never have images that are a different size to what they need to be. You cannot rely on the email client to scale down the image to fit some width/height values in the <img> tag.

Go back to your original scaled down image and use that, 211 x 90. To solve the resolution problem scale your image carefully, don't allow a Photoshop program to make a blurry mess when resizing down. Also consider using GIF as text rendering is sharper in GIF than in JPG.