Accessing DFS namespace from another domain (crossdomain) on Windows Server 2008


Our setup right now is 1 "main" machine and two webservers.
The main machine have a DFS namespace called 'foo' which both the webservers uses as their webroot directory.

This works like a charm if I type \mainserver\foo on a machine in the same domain, but unfortunately our developers are joined to a different domain and so they get a "Windows cannot access \mainserver\foo, make sure your spelling are correct".

Is there any way around this? Maybe adding trust between the two domains or something?

Everything is set up using Windows Server 2008 Standard and the clients are all Windows 7.


Best Answer

You will need a trust between domains unless you are happy to provide alternate credentials when prompted. If you have the same username and password in both domains, it might authenticate using NTLM even without trust.

Port 445 is whats used for DFS. I'd take a network trace on client side to see how far you get. See for more details of deciphering the network trace.