Can’t connect to Web-Service running on VMware Player


I have windows 7 installed and I am running VMware player with Ubuntu as the guest OS.
I installed Etherpad which runs on http://localhost:9000 in the VMware player. In the VMware player itself I can connect to the site with localhost:9000. If I look up the IP of the VMware player, I get some IP address. The problem is that I neither can connect from the windows system nor directly from the VMware with the IP address.

vmware: localhost:9000 -> works
vmware & windows: -> does not work

I can't find a solution how to connect.
It's in bridged mode.

Best Answer

The localhost address really means "localhost in the VM" in this case. You can not access this address from outside the VM.

The service you want to connect to must listen on "", to be connectable from Host side. Then you can use the IP address of the VM.