Eaton Powerware 9170+ (with ConnectUPS Web/SNMP Card) – Cannot make all SNMP queries nor change SNMP community name


Does anybody has this UPS (Eaton Powerware 9170+)? I'm having some problems with it. Unfortunatelly all related to this product is bad documented. My problems:

  1. Don't know where to change SNMP community name in it. The old administrator did that, but I can't figure out where to make that change. I tried both telnet and web interfaces, with no luck.

  2. There is a problem with SNMP:

2.a) First, not all possible OIDs are returned on a snmpwalk. This is strange, because XUPS.MIB file has more OIDs than the one that the UPS returns. For instance, I can't retrieve that is xupsOnBattery.

2.b) Even without an input source (which means that we are out of external energy), it don't change its inputVoltage values.

Has anybody got this problem?

Thank you.

Best Answer

You will have to configure your UPS through Telnet and configure "Set Write Access Managers".

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