Email bouncing sent from Google


I'm hoping someone here has an idea of where to look next. We have a domain we support which has email sent to it from one particular user bounce with the following message:

Delivery to the following recipient
failed permanently:

Technical details of permanent
failure: Google tried to deliver your
message, but it was rejected by the
recipient domain. We recommend
contacting the other email provider
for further information about the
cause of this error. The error that
the other server returned was: 550 550
Unrouteable address (state 14).

We only have reports of bouncing form this one particular user (who is someone we don't support – except they'd like to be able to contact our customer and we're trying to figure out if the problem is on our end). Many people can successfully send to this domain and the user who is getting bounce messages can send to other domains that we support (so it's clearly something specific with the domain and not our setup in general). I've reviewed the MX records multiple times and the server logs don't show a connection which generates this error (in fact this error is not one that our mail server would ever return). So it appears that google is contacting a different mail server for some reason. I have tested sending from my gmail account and that works. I believe the sender is using a google-apps account (the account they are using is from their own domain, not a gmail account).

Any ideas on what might be happening here or what to test/investigate next? Thanks.

Best Answer

This is a rejection from the receiving mail server, so you would need to get with the mail admin for and have them look at their logs. Many anti-spam filters don't give you more info than what you have in your bounce message, so it could very well be bouncing because the sender is in an RBL or other SPAM database.
You have tested all that you are able to at this point, so you need to get some help from the mail admin at Good luck!

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